About us

Machine Technology Center Egypt is a sole proprietorship corporation, founded in 2001 with the highest professionalism, industrial quality standards and Up-to-date technological capabilities to build stainless steel storage, mobile and process tanks that last for a long time. Servicing many industries, such as; food and beverage, textiles, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries


Since its foundation, MTC Egypt has successfully designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and maintained all our clients' requirements from custom built machineries, integrated production lines, stainless-steel specialty tanks, pressurized VATs and mobile containers in addition to a respectful list of turn-key projects successfully handed over locally and internationally.

Our products characteristics mainly represent up-to-date environmental corroborative technologies, user-friendly, safety, efficiency and smart monetary value for special custom built machinery and turnkey projects.

We're also specialized in different technical consultations at process design and integration at food and beverage, textiles, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries

Pursuing traditional policies of business enterprise corporate structuring and project management, enabled us to establish and maintain several joint venture projects with reputable international industries, which also enabled MTC Egypt a better market penetration into areas of strategic industrial expansions and upgrading interests.

Our Vision,

To be recognized as a leading Egyptian industrial benchmark whereas other local S.S manufacturers compare their products accordingly to our produced masterpieces

Our Mission,

We aim to;

  • Acquire and apply the highest international quality standards throughout all of our long lasting quality products.

  • Continuous development, seeking the highest levels of professional integrity throughout all of our industrial development processes.

  • Present advanced technologies through our maintained strong partnership with reliable (local/foreign) suppliers and/or manufacturers to ensure our continuous process development and product innovation.

Our Values,

  • Maintain a satisfying level of customer service throughout our entire clients-log.

  • Developing our certified welders and motivated employees to attain excellence in their individual skills, responsibilities and personal capabilities.

  • Ensuring that all actions and decisions are being sought through our constant growth and expansion plans of MTC Egypt in accordance with the continuous global changing economy.